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      Help for US hotline wanted!

      Dear Sequoia customers,   we are looking for experienced Sequoia users in the U.S. who may have some
      time to support other Samplitude and Sequoia users via phone.
      We expect 10-20 weekly calls, of course MAGIX would pay a
      compensation based on the amount of phone time.   Please feel free to contact us if you may be interested or have
      questions!   Best Regards - Tilman Herberger, CTO


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      Feel free to discuss issues in german and english please.

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      Hier ist Platz für Anfragen um den Funktionsumfang für barrierefreies Arbeiten zu erweitern.

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    • hallo patrick,  ich habe dir auf das oben beschriebene problem schon im deutschen forum geantwortet. mir ist erst jetzt klar geworden, dass du nicht oder nur eingeschränkt sehen kannst. in meiner antwort hatte ich ein screenvideo gepostet ... sorry. bei mir sehendem benutzer tritt das von dir beschriebene problem nicht auf (pro x3). alles funktioniert wie erwartet und ich komme einfach in das bounce-menu zurück nach dem einstellen der sampleraten-konvertierungsqualität.
    • if you try to  to use the VST plug-ins that come with Samplitude in a 3rd party DAW they won't work. The only way you can get them to work is to buy the separate packages from the MAGIX website. http://www.magix-audio.com/us/plugins/#productMenu Regards Kraznet
    • Hi, I have spending lots of time trying to get Samplitude Pro X2 Suite plugins to work in other DAWs. I can see them and load them in other DAWs but the output of the VST are muted; I can hear audio but not the effects. I have used Samplitude for many years and I thought VST will work in any DAW host. I have tried to contact support with no reply's as yet. If anyone has any ideals of how I get Samplitude VST to work in other DAWs please let me know. Thanks, Bow 
    • From what I gathered- It seems that Independence will not load multy timberal / multy output VSTI. It seems to work very well with any VSTI with stereo outs. To me this sets Independence well above the rest of the crowd.
    • Hello there! I wrote it last niht in German, but I think it can be good and usefull, if the English readers also get the message of a quite interesting problem.   Yesterday I had a talk with Christopher Kopel, and we realized that there is a problem with a specific menu point in Samplitude Pro X3, in both editions, the Standard Edition and the Suite.   If I enter the menu bar with the menu button and scroll to the menu "Tools", there is a menu point called "Bounce internal mixdown". In this menu there is a Checkbox, in which you can set the Quality of mixdown, for example from "Very good" to "Extremely high 1 or 2". If you finish your quality setting, you can click the "OK"-button, but if you want to continue navigating through the menu for other settings, Pro X3 crashs the menu and you are in the main window with the tracks, but the menu is actually active in background. So you must start the menu again or you can call the window list with "JAWS-button" and F10 for searching the menu window. I don't know if this bug is only visible for us blind and visually-impaired users or the normal-seeing users too. Now I want to know: is there any user who has the same problems with that menu? In that case I think it's usefull that Tom could contact the Support or the developers to fix that bug.   Regards from Austria, Patrick
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