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    • SPOT ON Thomas !! Just did as you said and ... All fixed ( see below) and another lesson learned    Best regards BAKTRAK
    • Hi again! Found the libraries.xml -file where the library path references is stored  Here on my old surf computer it's found in  C:\Documents and Settings\$USER$\Application Data\MAGIX\Independence\Preferences Edit: Now i've checked my Win 7 computer and it's found in C:\Users\$USER$\AppData\Local\MAGIX\Independence\Preferences So on Win 10 it should hopefully be found in C:\Users\$USER$\AppData\Local\MAGIX\Independence\Preferences or in C:\Users\$USER$\AppData\Roaming\MAGIX\Independence\Preferences If not search for: libraries.xml Open the libraries.xml-file with the Notepad and edit out the G reference, make a copy of it before just in case ... Cheers! Thomas
    • Great that you got it sorted!  Yeah an update of Independence with the remove library button would be appreciated, and also I have some library's from Best Service Engine that works well in Independence but the their latest library's & demos only works with the  latest version of Engine and  these won't load in the latest Independence, so an update is needed ... I  use both Independence & Engine, Engine lack of som features of the Independence Pro, like mapping ... but can also load the Independence Pro library (from within Samplitude if you have the Prox Suit, standalone if you have the separate Pro licence) so for playing the library's and tweaking the sound it works well ... Engine download: https://www.bestservice.com/downloads.html  Engine demo library: https://www.bestservice.com/engine_artists_library.html (unfortanly not working in Independence, the earlier demos works but is not available to download anymore) The little tiny button next to the folder text is like an on/off button, by pressing it and then rebuild the menu, that library will be hidden in the menu ...  Annoying with the G reference, I will have a look if I can locate where the it is stored ... Cheers! Thomas
    • Thanks Thomas, Your direction helped. Mostly fixed now and Independence working smoothly from G: drive library folder. Oddly... a 'rogue' 'G:' remaining ( ie: accidentally included during my novice fiddling about ) at the top of the list.....which I can live with ...not about to remove my G: Drive   Pity we cant just remove a library at the click of a button .....as you described earlier. Cheers
    • Hi! Sorry ,I rememered it wrong about the remove button, that's only available in Best Service "Engine" which is basicly a reskined version of Independence Free (but Engine seems more up to date).  But the open button do apply to the latest Independece. If you click open without selecting a folder nothing happens as you descibed, if you select a folder that not include a library and click open you will get an error no valid libary, if you select an folder with a valid libary and click open it just add the path no other conformation ... Then to remove a library in Independence you need to move or remane the library folder, then it will show missing in the library path, click refresh and it will be removed, now you can add the new path to your G drive ... Regards Thomas