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    • d.ter

      Samplitude Patch released   07/17/2017

      Dear Samplitude customers, we just released a new patch for Samplitude Pro X3 and Pro X3 Suite! Please refer to the readme regarding all news and bugfixes. You can easily update via Auto-Update (should come up automatically during program start) or you can download the patch installer in the MAGIX Pro Audio Service center. Thanks for using Samplitude!

Help for US hotline wanted!

This announcement is no longer active


Dear Sequoia customers,


we are looking for experienced Sequoia users in the U.S. who may have some
time to support other Samplitude and Sequoia users via phone.
We expect 10-20 weekly calls, of course MAGIX would pay a
compensation based on the amount of phone time.


Please feel free to contact us if you may be interested or have


Best Regards - Tilman Herberger, CTO