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  2. Last night i downloaded as much in 6 hrs than i did in the previous 26 hrs or so. I've downloaded 36.4 GB so far. I hope it'll be the same tonight. But I'm not too optimistic with all these crazy deals MAGIX has going right now. There's the Humble Software Bundle: VEGAS Pro that is going on as well.
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  4. Totally agree with you. I've been asking for the ability to save track layouts for ages but so far no go. It really is a no-brainer actually. I will post that picture on the beta forum thanks. Regards, Kraznet
  5. Well, I am thinking something like this, please look at the save selection button.
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  7. Hi Rick, There are "Snapshots" is that what you mean? Or i the Arrange : Regards, Kraznet
  8. Good day, Previous Sonar and new Samplitude user here looking for what is probably a simple how-to question. How do you save the mixer and arranger settings in the manager as a scene after making specific selections? I have searched for an answer with no results. Thanks Rick
  9. Man, I was already in the fifth bottle of beer, but when I saw your signature, I was sober right away!
  10. Oh, everybody's so welcoming...for now. Just wait until we SONAR ex-pats get comfortable enough to start asking for features. You may come to regret that we ever moved in.
  11. Yes the implementation is better in Samplitude. The few times I tested Sonar I couldn't get my head around the fact that there was no auto merge of midi. Regards, Kraznet
  12. Thanks, Kraznet. I see that now. I didn't notice the original poster wanted to do this with audio, not MIDI. For my purposes this implementation is better than SONAR's, because it removes the extra step of bouncing the clips down,
  13. Nice to meet you, too,Terry. It's like old home week for me here - I see my fellow refugee beagle in North Texas, and now I see you are in Elizabeth City. I grew up in Wilmington. So, I am a fellow tarheel to some degree:-) Can't wait for our next visit back. I plan to stick with SPLAT for an upcoming project, but the Samplitude learning curve starts today. It will be fun to learn a new tool.
  14. What with all these SONAR refugees coming on board, I am afraid this forum will not fare well unless it gets a LIKE button for posts!!! ;-) (Been wanting one here for years!) Terry
  15. Same with me, day 2 now almost halfway there... I thought maybe there were a bunch of us downloading at the same time due to the current sale causing the slow speed.
  16. Hi Larry, Yes of course you can do "sound on sound" when recording MIDI in Samplitude. You just need to switch on "Overdub" mode from the transport. Unlike Sonar the midi will be merged with existing clip while cycle recording. I have definitely done videos about this Regards, Kraznet
  17. As a long time SONAR user and non-keyboard player, I use the sound-on-sound record mode all the time. It's especially useful with MIDI drum tracks. I can add the kick or high hat separately if I want, or throw in a fill or crash cymbal on already-recorded drums. I have played the "left hand" and the "right hand" both with my right hand on a MIDI piano track (I'm not a proficient keyboard player). I don't end up with a mess of separate tracks to manage and when I get what I want I just bounce the track with all the SoS overdubs down to a single clip. Kraznet, I encourage you to make this a feature request: Allow the user to add data to an already-recorded MIDI track while listening to existing data. (Although I thought I saw you do exactly that in one of your "getting started" videos when you were making a drum loop, so WTH?)
  18. My understanding is that Chicken systems translator was supposed to work with Independence - which should open up a lot of sample content. Is there no way Magix could create a program to convert files to Independence format? It would be a real selling point in my opinion to have a more or less open and resourceful sampler. I reach for Independence far more often than Kontakt whenever possible. It sounds great - mixes far better and tweaks far more easily than Kontakt.
  19. Thank you sir...
  20. Good evening folks, I am downloading Pro X3 as I type. Looking forward to learning a new DAW, but like most, SPLAT will be my go-to for the foreseeable future. Cool to post after a fellow North Texas too! Glad to meet ya Beagle! Let's have fun!
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  22. Either left click and drag up and down or hover the mousewheel to adjust in increments of 1.0. Or use shift modifier to adjust in increments of 0.1 Regards, Kraznet
  23. Is there an input trim function in samplitude, I couldn't find it on the channel strip, is it hidden someplace....
  24. Yes thank you Mr Kraznet, you are very good at what you do, you've definitely made this transition a lot easier, not only for me, but a lot of other folks.. Thanks for your gift....
  25. Great! That was gonna be my next question. I too noticed the keep the files option. But I'n not downloading thru Samplitude. It should do that same i would think. Oh well, so long as i get it for Christmas. hehe!
  26. I'm also getting a slooooow download (time remaining in four digits). In desperation, I shut down my computer and rebooted and found something I hadn't found an answer to, and this makes me think I can just "tough it out" too: downloading through Samplitude, if I cancel the download, I get the option to keep all of the files downloaded so far (which I did). Then, after rebooting the computer and starting up Samplitude again, it picked up right where I left off, in the middle of downloading a file. So, yes, the download can be done in chunks rather than 70Gb all in one massive effort.
  27. Hello fellow former sonarites! I haven't committed to Samplitude yet, I've downloaded the demo and have been using it and so far I'm pretty impressed. I've also been trying out Cubase and Studio One, but so far Samplitude is in the lead!
  28. Did you go to and sign into your account? I signed in, entered serials, then registered on the website. I will download the apps later, but the serials are associated with my account now, so activation should just be a matter of installing and entering my account via the vegas app. If possible, I'd recommend updating to the final version of Vegas 14 edit before doing activation, as it might have fixes for any previous activation issues. If you can't activate, you will need to contact Magix support via your Magix account.
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