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  3. Quantum Crash new video

    thank you so much ! glad you like it (I was pretty sure you will... ) cheers ! Phil
  4. Quantum Crash new video

    Great work Phil sounds pretty epic!! Regards, Kraznet
  5. hi folks, after lot of problem of lost files, I finally finish to make this video for this few years old song, Rise, already on line on Soundcloud. Now, there're images ! Full production in Sampliquoia (Sequoia v11 at this time). Video edited in Vegas 14. Enjoy ! Phil
  6. All Sascha's work is highly musical. AM|Munition is my main mastering tool, I feel like it's my secret weapon - love it. I got Presswerk as soon as it was available, great processor and highly recommended.
  7. Presswerk - The New Version Of AM-Munition

    Thank you all very very much!!!!
  8. Sorry I didn't reply to your question I am somewhat busy at the moment. Although it looks like Sascha has replied anyway. Regards, Kraznet
  9. Hi @Johnny BladeI Have checked out this old Kraznet video on sidechaining in Samplitude? it includes using Am-munition. All the best, Thomas
  10. Not new, we already released it in Dec. 2014. https://u-he.com/products/presswerk/releasenotes.html
  11. The 'Int:Ext' control balances the incoming source that the detector circuit 'sees'. Turned fully to Int only takes the plugin's own signal into account, while Ext will make it only listen to the sidechain input you select in the plugin dialog's menu of possible external inputs. 'Level' is indeed that simple, it controls the external sidechain volume.
  12. Presswerk - The New Version Of AM-Munition

    Oh, yes... I'm invisible here, so cool...
  13. Presswerk - The New Version Of AM-Munition

    Thanks for the update, Sascha - this new toy sounds VERY interesting! :-) Terry
  14. Presswerk - The New Version Of AM-Munition

    It seems that Master Kraznet is very busy these days. So... is there anyone that could answer my questions, please? I know they can sound very basic, but not for me... the classic video tutorials do not cover my questions, perhaps because they presuppose previous knowledge, so I launched them here. Thanks in advance!
  15. Presswerk - The New Version Of AM-Munition

    Thank you very much for your explanation! I'm a big fan of your work!
  16. To make that clear, that was neither a port nor a succession of ideas. I hate repeating myself through projects, and it wouldn't do past work and people involved any favour. While I did both plugins' DSP code (and - hehe - Sebastian made both UIs...), the two only share some features like M/S and external SC input, along with a central metering section, where I considered M/S important, and the centrical layout was quite obvious for Basti when we layed out the concept (he even did a 3D model of the virtual 'inside', as can be seen here). But looking more closely probably reveals important differences. Ammo is basically an opto comp in series with a limiter & dual-band saturator, which already is quite a strange combination, while Presswerk is more a compressor construction kit designed to mimic pretty much everything known from the hardware world. PW is more versatile, and its only 'signature sound' comes from the saturation section and optional phase rotator, while Ammo has more flavour right away, but is also more aggressive & up-front. You just can't substitute one for the other.
  17. Presswerk - The New Version Of AM-Munition

    Dear @Kraznet: 1 - Is "Int : Ext" knob in "Sidechain" a kind of "Mix" (processed / unprocessed signal) feature? In AM-Munition this knob is called "Source", isn't it? 2 - And what about "Level" (AM-Muniton's "Sidechain"): is it the VOLUME of sidechain? I'm sorry for asking this and bother you.... I'm still trying to tame AM-Munition...
  18. Presswerk - The New Version Of AM-Munition

    Thanks, guys! What a cool!!! So, a good toy to test!!!!!
  19. Yes @Johnny Blade, feels familiar ... like I said in your AM-Phibia thread, Sascha makes great stuff at u-he now ... ... and just because of you pointing this out i'm now also testing the Uhbik FX collection .. damn it, I don't need more plugins ... Best, Thomas
  20. @Sascha Is/was the developer. I was thinking this a few weeks ago whether it was his new version of Ammunition. Regards, Kraznet
  21. Presswerk - The New Version Of AM-Munition

    Aha! That does feel like our former-resident-DSP-developer-now-working-at-U-he has been busy porting some of his greatest ideas! :-) Cool! Terry
  22. Browsing the Web, I found this plugin. Interesting as it looks like AM-Munition! It has 2 channels/compressors, M/S Mode, channel link, soft clipping, threshold with auto make up gain (similar effect to the threshold of the AM-Munition in 'Master' section ), the metering graph with the clipping leds above, sidechain (see 'Int : Ext' knob), sidechain monitor, pre and post saturation (similar to the 2 stages of clipping in AM-Munition's 'expert' settings) and much much more: I downloaded the PDF manual and still other similarities are glimpsed!!!!!! Has anyone noticed this before? For me, it's the AM-Munition, apparently updated in a new version and skin!!! Almost everything is very familiar!
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  24. Sound Forge Pro 12 Suite: No presets for Ozone 8 Elements?

    Admitted, I haven't tried Ozone. But it's obviously made for mastering, and I don't think (or hope) that any mastering technician out there is relying on presets. Mastering is a tedious process that should be based on how the delivered material is, as well as what kind of final media (mp3/LP/cd/whatever) is the target. It could very well be a deliberate choice to make a point.
  25. Hi @LNaum I'm happy that you at least got it to work in the old ProX for now, but it is very strange it doesen't work for you in ProX3, it works here on my ProX3. Try to install ProX3 again (maybe you allready have done so), you can have both version installed same time. I have ProX, ProX2, Prox3 and even my old Samplitude 6 all installed at the time. Best, Thomas
  26. Well, then it would be interesting to see what happens if you open the VIP, which you created with ProX, in ProX3.
  27. Dear colleagues! I thank everyone who took part in the discussion of this issue. The solution was unexpected. Pro X3 began to "hang" while working with Independence and Midi. Reinstalled the" image " of the system and downloaded the Pro X Suite I was working on before. In the new project set 2 Independence (16 stereo outputs each). On all channels loaded tools, on all channels in both Independence switched off monitoring and ..... WORKS! Now it remains only to understand-why Pro X3 does not give such an opportunity? Special thanks to TotteG, Matfle, Tdor and Kraznet.
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