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  3. Two Samplitude PRO X3 problems

    Finally fixed Visualization! Problem was monitoring setting. Monitoring was Engine Mode.I changed it to Mixer FX Monitoring and now working! Thanks for all helps!
  4. Two Samplitude PRO X3 problems

    I tried everything.Even clean uninstall and install... Now Sam can remember my setting and projects but Visualization still not working...
  5. Two Samplitude PRO X3 problems

    I thought it was not possible to do that... God, I was blind... Anyway, it doesn't work for me... waveform and faders still linked... EDIT: the Gain knob works fine; the Volume fader doesn't work - this one is still linked to waveform.
  6. Two Samplitude PRO X3 problems

    Hi AnalogObsession! Check in the Taskmanager if you have a crached Sam.exe running in the background, that might blocking Samplitude from saving the setting ... or it could also be a AntiVirus issue blocking the program from saving the setting ... For the Visualization issue check if you have activated Track Visualization on any track, you do by by right clicking in the tracks to get the menu (not on an object in the track) Regards Thomas
  7. Two Samplitude PRO X3 problems

    Also i have another strange issue. Samplitude can't remember any setting.When i close and re-open Samplitude,it's resetting all settings.Even skin and "Scale with Fades/Curves" setting.And can't open existing projects.I have to go project folder and open it.What is wrong?
  8. Two Samplitude PRO X3 problems

    Hi, Sorry for late response and thanks for replies! Fixed my problem but still have issue with Visualization.Tried to closing and re-opening,changing output...But no luck...
  9. I did the bouncing you are describing, but still not happy. Basically the problem is that the Samplitude's tempo map is not like Ableton's warping. Ableton's warping evens out the tempo fluctuations, whereas Samplitude uses the tempo map to adapt the tempo grid according to the musical positions of the mapped track. Thus the tempo fluctuations stay with the track the tempo map makes the metronome follow the tempo changes. As this is not what I want to have, I'll keep on looking for a solution.
  10. I think that you may not have done what tlwebb suggested. Bounce your whole project to a new file - basically mix it down to a new file. Then import the new file into a new empty VIP project and then use Timestretch to slow down the file so you can learn the parts.
  11. Getting the track mapped to follow the varying tempo is a rather easy thing. After the mapping, the tempo grid positions are all at the correct position. Now, the 2nd step is where stall. After all it is quite simple, just want to slow down the whole project. On the software side all it'd had to do is multiply the tempo map with a number. (smaller than 1 to slow it down). There is the Edit->Tempo Scaling menu and inserted a number, pressed ok, but the audio track tempo did not change, although the retain musical position is checked for "audio object positions". Is that a bug or intended behavior?
  12. Thanks TonyS! But if I let the track play in its original tempo, then all the other tracks fall out of rythm. Because I do not only want to learn licks, but also record my playing and slowly try to rebuild the original song by myself. I also program some midi drums.
  13. I remember seeing a setting to ignore tempo markers and use project tempo. I'm using Sequoia 13 but Sam should be the same.
  14. Two Samplitude PRO X3 problems

    2. Did you try to close the visualisation and open it again? Georg
  15. Two Samplitude PRO X3 problems

    Sorry that didn't help. I actually tried my darndest to break mine but it just kept on working! Hopefully someone will be along who knows the answer. Terry
  16. MP3 Export sounds "dull"

    Check any effects on your busses
  17. Two Samplitude PRO X3 problems

    Thanks! I tried Right-Click and choose Master or any output of my soundcard but no luck.Can't get response.
  18. Two Samplitude PRO X3 problems

    Press "Y" and go to Design/View Options and un-check "Scale with Fades/Curves" for number 1. For #2, do you mean the visualization window? Right-click it and make sure it is tracking the Master, perhaps, under "Output". Right-clicking it displays a ton of options - one may be set incorrectly. Terry
  19. Two Samplitude PRO X3 problems

    Hello, I have two problem with Samplitude. 1.Waveform and faders are linked.So i can't see waveform when i take fader all the way down.How to unlink and see original waveform? 2.Suddenly master meter started not working.Not mixer master channel meter.I mean meter in dock.I can't see meter or any other features.It's totally not responding. Thanks.
  20. MP3 Export sounds "dull"

    A WAV file's output should be digitally identical to what you hear from the transport, so I am not clear what could be different in this case. The full version of Samplitude allows you to hear what the MP3 will sound like while doing a mix so you can compensate for the differences. But at highest quality setting you should not hear much difference from the WAV file. Sorry, but without seeing your settings it is hard to anticipate what could be going wrong there. Terry
  21. Hi tlwebb! Thanks for you input, but I have noticed that the bounced track maintains the tempo automatization settings, so basically playing back the new bounced project the tempo indicator still jumps up and down according to the grid markers. Maybe I do the wrong bouncing...
  22. I haven't done very much with tempo mapping in quite some time, so I really can't address your primary issue. However, to solve the immediate problem, why not bounce the mapped track, and slow down the bounced version for practicing?
  23. Hi! I have a track in my project that has tempo changes. I have tempo mapped this track, using the grid marker adjustment (for using the grid marker method see this tutorial: https://youtu.be/VSiYv9IJYyg) My problem is that I can not figure out how to play back the project at a slower tempo (to hear the licks better and practice them). The project tempo drop down menu does not help, since the value it displays changes with the mapped track tempo map. Where can I set a globally valid tempo scaling? Also I would like to know, if I can straighten out the tempo changes? So basically make this tempo mapped track follow the project tempo, and not the project to follow the track tempo? Cheers, Arpad
  24. Hello, I'm new to Samplitude Music Studio and DAWs. I am not using the Pro version (I'm using the $99 Music Studio version). I have a Personus AudioBox USB 96 connected to my windows computer and I recorded a couple tracks of guitar and bass. I also created a MIDI drum track using the free MT Power Drum Kit 2. I've completed the mixing by adding various effects and adjusted the volume levels (and MIDI velocity on the drum parts that were too loud - "long crash"). The recording sounds good when I play it back in the transporter using Samplitude. However, when I export it to a WAV or MP3 file, the music sounds dull and muffled. I've played with a lot of different settings within the "Master Suite", including the limiter and parametric EQ. Of course, I'm picking the highest quality output for MP3/WAV, but it still sounds "dull". I've also turned off the Master Suite settings (limiter, EQ, ...) on the Master track. I was thinking I already liked the song's sound so I did not need any more adjustments on the Master track. Any tips you can share with me on producing a better export? I've been watch tutorials on YouTube, but still not having any luck. Thanks for your advice!
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  26. Hi, Im new to this forum, has anyone encountered problems with Samplitude Pro X3 and Izotope Rx 6 when using the "Connect" function? When trying to send the audio back to Samplitude the dialogue box saying "Waiting for Rx to Connect" pops up and hangs indefinitely? it also says "Please Re-open Rx Connect in your host"? im baffled buy this to be honest.... can anyone throw any light on the issue?
  27. ok I fully understand now your way to audio archiving. I was mainly talking about backup only, i.e. what you call "backups for a short term", that's why I keep all the files in them. But for audio archiving, I agree that if you export waves, you don't need H*. The option that could be nice is simply let the user choose if he needs or not the H* files when he use the Multitrack Bounce dialog. Then, instead of finish with all theses unnecessary files, if it's audio archiving, you export only the waves files. If you know you will use theses exports in Sampliquoia, you could let the bounce function creating H*. After all, it's just a radio button to tick or not in the Bounce dialog... Cheers ! Phil
  28. My major backups are not on projects depending on a DAW, they are just containing independant audio files that can be used in any music software. I just make project backups for a shorter term, say a year or so (until I release an album). The reason for that is a long history, first recording on tape recorders, then on harddisk recorders and finally working with several softwares. You can never be sure when you backup a project whether you will/can use the same DAW/recorder in the future, you never know whether the future version will be compatible, you never know if the company still exists (see cakewalk), you never know whether all plugins will be there and will be compatible. Thus when you backup all your recorded wave files, all your laborious tracks saved as wave files and all your MIDI tracks as wave files (and as MIDI), you will be safe for future use of that material, IMHO. Regarding the sort order (by type) I use this rarely, because in my song folders (outside of DAW projects) I have some header files with notes that I start with # (that they are on top when sorted by name) and below there are files starting with the track numbers (waves, midi and others). Like that I have quite a good overview and find quickly the files I need (there are even more conventions in the names). I do not have to scroll all the time. But this is only my way to work, I am aware that this is not practical for everyone.
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