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      Samplitude Patch released   07/17/2017

      Dear Samplitude customers, we just released a new patch for Samplitude Pro X3 and Pro X3 Suite! Please refer to the readme regarding all news and bugfixes. You can easily update via Auto-Update (should come up automatically during program start) or you can download the patch installer in the MAGIX Pro Audio Service center. Thanks for using Samplitude!

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  2. Steve, did I understand you correctly that your Screen Reader stops working, if Samplitude asks for the Low Latency Driver?
  3. Hi! At the german Version of Pro X3 ther is another problem. The JAWS Screen Reader doesn't stop working, but it seems that Samplitude wants to load the Low latency Driver and has then an error message that it can't be loaded, although the normal ASIO Driver is set in the System Settings. That error message returns if I try to reboot the software with the start dialogue. My Standard ASIO Sound Driver is a Steinberg Interface. At University I use the UR22 Interface on our University computer, at home my Standard Interface is the Steinberg UR44 Interface.
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  6. My latest tutorial : Regards Kraznet
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  8. Latest Tutorial : Regards Kraznet
  9. That's the infamous "next room" effect. Mixing errors that weren't noticed are often blatantly obvious when listening from the lounge with the control room doors open.
  10. During my testings and demonstrations of Capstan (http://www.celemony.com/en/capstan) I learned to never work with headphones. This is something many people know already. What nobody knew before is that it's actually easier to detect the subtle flutter once I turn the speaker away from me than to sit in the sweet spot.
  11. During my testings and demonstrations of Capstan (http://www.celemony.com/en/capstan) I learned to never work with headphones. This is something many people know already. What nobody knew before is that it's actually easier to detect the subtle flutter once I turn the speaker away from me than to sit in the sweet spot.
  12. I use 192k only for measuring amplifiers and checking for spurious hf signals. Otherwise, I use 96k for actual recording, as the equivalent of higher tape speeds in analog recording, even though I recall A/B-ing the record/relay chain of a Nakamichi high end cassette recorder way back around 1975 and finding it barely distinguishable from a Studer A80 doing the same thing simultaneously. I told myself then that the wind was obviously in the right direction. David
  13. Hi Sascha! having a bit of time this morning, I installed the Birdline Suite. These are terrific! Classy and not at all garish. Thanks again for the heads up! Now I must look for the other goodies. Pro X3 is turning out to be one of the most worthwhile upgrades I can recall (and I started with v.8). David
  14. Yes, I have the pdfs of the handbooks, of course -- Engl 1021 pages, Ger. 1079 pages. the latter is sometimes invaluable for clarification. They are just not as easy to read and search as the hard copy would be. But thanks for telling me that these are not available. David
  15. Hi Sascha! Thanks for the heads up! I did what I should have done already, and searched on "birdline" in my email client. sure enough, an email from Magix, which was so long that I never got beyond the second page. It gives serial numbers for Sound Forge, Birdline, Izotope and Melodyne, most of which I was unaware of! It will take me a while to get up to date with these... Best, David
  16. The "manual" for the ProX3 package is supplied in PDF format, as well as in a version you can access from Samplitude. IIRC the PDF documentation is 1000+ (?) pages. The "printed copy" book is actually a set of tutorials oriented to music production, but by no means covering all of Samplitude's capabities. Those tutorials can be found on MAGIX website.
  17. Hello David, you get besides soundforge (only in Pro X3 Suite), also the birdline skins. Both are included in the package you paid for. Look here: http://www.magix-audio.com/gb/samplitude/new-features/ I would write an email to magix and ask for a serial number for the birdline skins, if you have not received the SN. All the best Sascha
  18. Hi Sascha! Thanks for writing. I bought the download upgrade, as usual, but regret that I dont have a printed copy of the much improved manual! Sound Forge Pro 11 was included free with my Pro X3 upgrade, so I guess that was instead of the Birdline skins! (You cant win all the jackpots!) Thanks, David
  19. Hello David, did you buy the box or the download version? I bought the box version and there is a paper with the Birdline Skin serial number included, as well as the following instruction on how to get it. "Free Birdline Skins for Samplitude - Visit skins.birdline.gr and use the attached serial number to download your complimentary copy of the Birdline Platinum Pack v.14 for Samplitude Pro X3" I do not know how it works with the download version, but maybe Magix has sent an email with the serial number and the instruction, if you bought the Download version. Best regards Sascha
  20. Hi Goran! Do I understand you correctly? Birdline skins come included in Pro X3? Where are they to be found? Thanks, David
  21. I got my copy years ago. It was amazingly powerful for €50 or $50 and useful to have if I forgot to take my dongle with me; but I havent tried to use it for years. It would only do stereo. David
  22. Hi Goran! But surely, Samplitude always reminds you if you havent saved your work when you exit. David
  23. Here you can hear one of my newest production made with Sam. The Drums are real recorded (Djembe and Udongo). Feel free to vote and comment;) https://songcheck.hofa.de/song/1296/ Regards Niels
  24. Hallo Kraznet, I think you know a lot more then me about details in Samplitude .... so I want to ask you :

    Am I the only one who have problems with the new patch and 96kHz Projekts?

    Greeting from Thomas     "Germany"

  25. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nICRE5vSqGY More for the Germans. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do Andreas Bourani Alles nur in meinem Topf parodiert. Weird Al Yankovic mässig. Mit Stil Witz aber nicht unter die Gürtellinie. Bought an MIDI File from the Song and Filled it with Kontakt instruments (Studio Drummer / Bass) Piano from Pianoteq. Brass from WIVI. Sung by me :-S Music all in Samplitude Video by Magix Video Deluxe Viel Spass!
  26. Heres one of my Songs from the Record -Zeit und Licht im Raum- and Instrumental -Time and Light in Space- Sonnensystem / Solarsystem Feel free to comment. The Drum is an UDU. Voice: Arnim Schubring All produced, mixed and mastered in Sam.
  27. Hallo Sascha! Vielen Dank für deine Inputs. Ich schau mir das an, sobald ich wieder in Graz bei jemen Rechner bin, wo ich die Suite gerade am Laufen habe. :-) Dass es da noch extrige Installationsprogramme braucht, habe ich nicht bedacht. Auf dem Gebiet bin ich ja auch noch sehr lernfähig. :-)
  28. Hallo Patrick, sorry, dein Anliegen ist ja schon was her, hatte ich bisher nicht gesehen. Scheinbar aber auch niemand anderes. Aber vielleicht hast du es auch schon gelöst. Normalerweise installierst du erst Independence von der Samplitude Programm DVD und danach startet eine extra Installationsprogramm für den Content, die Samples/Instrumente, automatisch. Bei der Installation der Library kann man dann auch auswählen, wohin man die GB großen Instrumente haben möchte. Z.B. auf einer anderen Platte, als der, wo das System drauf ist. Das Programm, um die Library zu installieren, kann man auch separat starten (meine ich), wenn man erst mal nur das Programm installieren will. Beide Install-Exe befinden sich auf der Samplitude Programm DVD, der Content/die Library dann auf den separaten Independence DVDs. Schaue mal auf der Samplitude Programm DVD in den Ordner "addon\IndependenceCommon\" dort die Datei "Independence_Libraries_Common_setup.exe", das müsste die Install-Exe für die Library sein. Es geht aber glaube ich auch über Independence selber. Da kann man die Library auch drüber (nach-)installieren lassen. Da müsste ich aber in Independence noch mal nachschauen, wie das geht. Aber das sollte eigentlich auch in der pdf Anleitung zum Independence stehen, wie man den Content einbindet. Gruß Sascha
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