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  2. I found this hiding in my basement today. It must have been here forever. Never knew I owned it or that Magix made it. I don't remember my children ever using it. Just a little fun.
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  4. hier noch ein "simpler" clipper, der es aber in sich hat. er clipped bei -0.2 db und kann erstaunlich transparent sein, je nach signal. er kommt ohne jegliche parameter aus, einfach einfügen und gut. ist auf jeden fall ein hilfreiches werkzeug in spuren und sogar auf dem master, wenn nicht zuviel energie über 0 db reingeht. chris ist ein ziemliche aufgeweckter geist und hat da einige gute plugins im angebot. man muss sich allerdings mit seinem minimalismus anfreunden und die arbeitsweise der plugins erkunden/kennenlernen, um sie richtig zu nutzen.
  5. keine ahnung was das music studio 2016 so enthält, aber ein simpler limiter ist sicher dabei. für simples limitieren wäre die freeware loudmax eine option. arbeitet auch bei starker limitierung noch recht transparent:
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  7. Kirk Hunter is doing a deal on his Virtuoso Ensembles library. "The Most Playable Ensembles To Conduct Your Orchestra! Get it now for $299.99 $89! Use this coupon code on cart or checkout page: VE70". His libraries have always been very good. Regards, Kraznet
  8. hello there, in a VST plug-ins parameter list, each parameter is currently preceded by a number which refers to its position in the list. I think it would be better if the name was first, as it would speed things up a lot when looking for a particular parameter, and it would allow Quick search by typing The parameter name's first letter. In fact, I don't think the number is needed at all, I mean from a screenreader's point of view. Best regards, JPR
  9. Sounds like something worth looking into for sure although it's $149.
  10. RE: Garritan Libraries for jazz I haven't done much of anything with midi for quite a while now, but my first foray into libraries years ago involved Garritan; "Personal Orchestra" and "Jazz and Big Band". At that time JaBB had quite a reputation for the brass articulations, making significant use of "key switching". Like I said, it's been a while, and I'm not sure what they're charging now, but at least for the brass JaBB may be worth looking at.
  11. Even if they abandon Independence completely the library will still work in the Engine player I mentioned. However to buy the brass library will be £89 in the UK The cheaper option would be to get the Vita instrument Pop Brass VSTi $39.99 although the demo on the website doesn't really do it any favours. I have it myself I will check it out later. Maybe I can put together some demos of the various sounds of the different libraries. Also I found this which is within your budget : Regards, Kraznet
  12. I have the first Pro X version v12.5.2.284 which only has the 12 GB of samples for Independence. There's not much in those 12 gigs that really works well for me, but I do really like the Simple Pad Basic and Simple Pad Two. I will record some stuff (mostly lead synths) with the guitar synth, and other stuff with a keyboard. I can probably get by with synth pads and strings, but I do really want real brass samples. Maybe the Independence Brass might be the way to go, if you're confident that they should work for the foreseeable future?
  13. I doubt Garritan would be suitable for Jazz, Rock, Funk, R&B, Blues & Fusion music. Yes I heard about Independence from another source of MAGIX so it's interesting that you can confirm it as well. Whether they have something else up their sleeves I don't know. the Independence brass samples are excellent. Myself and a fellow beta tester A/B'd them with the Native Instruments session horns and Independence horns sounded much nicer. The independent strings are from Kirk Hunter are from some of his earlier libraries but they are pretty good although maybe lacking the round robin alternating strokes of later libraries. I can't remember which version of Samplitude do you have is it the one with the smaller full 70 gig library or the 12 gig? Some of Vita instruments are based on the Independence library as well although the non-Suite version there will probably be fewer libraries. I don't think the Independence sampler is going to suddenly stop working I think it will just be maintained. After all it's supposedly one of the main features of Pro X Suite. Are you planning on using your MIDI guitar with the strings and brass? Regards, Kraznet
  14. Thanks very much for the help and info man. One thing to note is that most of my string and brass uses will be in Jazz, Rock, Funk, R&B, Blues & Fusion music. I will not be doing any classical style orchestra stuff. So would the Garritan stuff still work for that? It does sound very good, but also very good for classical symphony music. I thought the Independence Brass samples sounded awesome and in the style I would use them. In a response from Magix support they indicated to me that Independence was a dead product from their end. I can't remember the exact words they used, but that was the impression they left me with.
  15. Best Service do a large selection of libraries. Quite a few of them can be run inside the free Engine player which is basically a simplified version of independence. The advantage of it being that the authorisation the library within Engine is much easier. Plus once it is authorised you can run inside independence as well. Although maybe at your price point they aren't what you're looking for. Regards, Kraznet
  16. The independence native strings and brass are pretty good actually. I don't think MAGIX will drop Independence is just that information I had was that they weren't planning on developing it any further just supporting it. In many ways you pay for what you get Spitfire Audio is probably the currently best quality sampled libraries but you pay a premium for it. Garritan is good value and has strings and brass. He was probably one of the first guys to start making large string sample libraries with multi-samples. I didn't manage to find the demos of the brass but there are string samples plus short staccato stuff which is always a good test : Regards, Kraznet
  17. Following up on my Independence questions, for synths I have decided to go with either u-he Diva or Zebra 2. So I still need some good sampled strings and brass. What are some good suggestions under $100 each? I would consider the Independence String library for $65, but I am fearful that it will become obsolete and not work in Samp since Magix has abandoned Independence.
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  19. Thanks very much for the info guys. I guess I will give up on the Independence idea then. I may still consider just getting the Strings library for only $65 though. I will check out those other synths John. For now I think my favorite I have tried is u-he Diva.
  20. There are more synths available, like Vita Analog Synths and DN-e1. I have these but I don't know if they came with Samplitude Pro X2 or X3 Suite, or with one of the many versions of Music Maker. Both have Leads and Pads, but they may not be what you are looking for. Attached is a listing in a Word document that I made, showing the Pads and Leads only, for these 2 synths. Screen shots of the 2 interfaces is included. The Word file is safe; I created it myself. John CB SYNTHS - Pads and Leads only.docx
  21. Unfortunately development of Independence has ground to a halt and although they do bug fixes it will never be updated and better integrated into Samplitude (unless something changes which I don't know about) which is a big shame. I had great hopes for it when MAGIX bought Yellow Tools. As it stands it's still very useful tool and I find some of the sounds of very high quality but the GUI is a bit antiquated and I never liked the font. Kontakt is definitely the "industry standard" sampler and nearly all libraries are developed for it. UVI Falcon looks very interesting although it's not cheap even with the current 40% discount their offering until the 15th it's still $244 although you get 2 free libraries and a $100 voucher. Unfortunately there is no demo for it though. Regards, Kraznet
  22. And how does that "observation" help the discussion? And now you are making assumptions about someone's wishes from a few posts here? For me it is very simple; if you post a question that I can answer, then I will answer and try to help you. If I don't have an answer, then I won't say anything.
  23. It was merely an observation. Not intended as a put down. I'll stop responding to your questions as you seem to wish. Terry
  24. Terry, saying that I must be new to computers does nothing at all to help this discussion, and can only be taken as putting someone down! If you want to put me down or make fun of me, please do it by PM or email. If it matters to you, I have been on computers since the early 80;s and I have built all of my own PC's since the late 90's. I have been using Samplitude for the past 25 years, on which I have recorded hundreds of local artists as well as 6 of my own albums. My statement was more about I didn't trust saving a file posted to my system and why was it not a link to an online source. This info should be posted at the Magix site about Independence. Then people like me would not have to post what some of you may consider dumb questions here. Regardless, I (reluctantly) saved the text file to my hard drive and have viewed it. It does appear that the synths are not what I would be looking for. I may just get the strings and brass and then also purchase Diva, but for the time being will continue to search for other and all alternatives. So is that complete list that Christian posted everything that is in the "Pro" version, does it offer more or less than the Pro version?
  25. Tim, That is a link to a text file (notice the .txt extension?) You must be very new to computers! Kontakt comes with a default library that includes orchestral, percussive, keyboard and synth sounds. It opens the door to using hundreds of user-created and third-party instruments made for use with Kontakt. I love Independence Pro, but my needs are definitely different from your own. (I own a ton of instruments...) I think Independence is one of the most overlooked samplers out there, but unfortunately, it WAS overlooked. Kontakt has active users and instrument creators today. Terry
  26. Thanks Christian Unfortunately that link you provided does not work for me? It asks me to save a file which I am very hesitant to do. Is it supposed to be a link to an online list? As far as I am aware the only synths I have that came with Pro X are Independence Basic and Revolta 2. Independence is okay for a few selections (pads not synths), but I have not found Revolta to be of much use at all. Are there others I am unaware of? I really like the u-he synths Diva and Hive, but was hoping that the Independence library might be a less expensive option. Omnisphere, while I know it is great, is just way too expensive for my limited needs and uses.
  27. Hi Tim, I made a list of all layer files in the Independence directory, so take a look. Indepence is good for real instruments, but it doesn't offer a lot of synths, and you can't tweak it like virtual synths. Did you take a look at the included synths in Samplitude? For synths and pads I use Omnisphere a lot. As an allrounder I sometimes use Steinberg Halionsonic, which has a workstation approach. Greetings Christian Independence Pro_layers_Independence Pro - Instruments.txt
  28. Kontakt what? They seem to make a ton of products. Anyway, from what I can see it is overkill and way too expensive for my needs.
  29. There used to be a full list - 32 pages long! The site that had that has closed it down, though (the old Yellowtools site was where it had been). I tried to find it but apparently I never downloaded the PDF myself, otherwise I'd upload it here. Frankly, I'd go with Kontakt if you want industry-standards. Terry
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