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  1. Folk songs

    yes it's me and my poor voice (I'm not a great singer !) Christine, do you mean power in the mix, or like Bolibolubab, I just need to wake up ? It was a subject of discussion with my friend (the EP was almost done), he was wondering if I should sing with more fight/power, but after a while, he came back and said no, you should stay YOU and keep on with your feeling. So, we chose to leave as is. And it should be noted that there're few others songs with more power, with a more rock feeling in our songs set. Anyway, thank you very much for listening ! Phil
  2. Folk songs

    Thank you !
  3. Folk songs

    hi friends, I think it's time to present my duet Symmetry as the 6 tracks EP is just out now. Fully produced in Samp as my partner has Prox2 listen here, Bandcamp : https://symmetryduo.bandcamp.com/releases or Soundcloud : https://soundcloud.com/symmetryduo/sets/the-wise-and-the-fools-ep Enjoy ! Phil
  4. How Do I Stop These "Record Errors"?

    hi I would prefer to know why I have errors than disable the warning... Perhaps you just record with a very low latency setting, or in Hybrid Mode + lot of plugins ? or you could have a real problem with intaface and driver. Even if you found that 'you think) it's false alert, it's not normal to have as much error... cheers Phil
  5. Monitoring On/Off with a shortcut is very handy. You could even make a shortcut for a specific monitoring mode. When I play an instrument that needs to be heard (Vandal, vsti, ...) I switch from first option w/ no monitoring to Mon On + Track FX mode. When it's finished, for mixing for example, I switch again to first option w/ Mon Off, stress on the computer will be more cool. cherrs Phil
  6. new track - "above ground"

    I was pretty sure of that, thank you. Opposite here, but I like a lot the slammed sound of fingers playing. Shame on me I don't use this technique cheers Phil
  7. new track - "above ground"

    may I ask a question, for the lead guitar, do you play with fingers or with a pick ? cheers Phil
  8. RIP Walter Becker

    yes...very sad Steely Dan, what a band !
  9. hi friends, I can add a line to my signature After a long wait....I have something to show for all the work on my folk compositions, the duo Symmetry with my friend Jean-Yves. Only one song done in studio at the moment, 2 others in mix, as we are a little bit busy. My friend has a little home studio and as when he looked for a DAW I impose him Samp, the songs are exclusively done in Samp or Sequoia ! Listen, watch, like, love or hate it, but please check it out! YT https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeL49dHWcRB_TOQVUAdEBgg FB https://www.facebook.com/symmetryduo Soundcloud (same as YT but audio only) Enjoy ! cheers Phil
  10. Forum Software update

    working fine here, you need to click on the blue dot on the left of the title (or blue star if you posted in the topic) and it will open the first unread post. cheers Phil
  11. Drawing volume curve

    hi, untick the V button in the arranger, should be somewhere near the track name / vu, or in the track editor if open. cheers Phil
  12. Forum Software update

    I'm agree with Georg, a lot of things are too big on the PC screen. The home page too, and how can I close the right panel ? before it was possible to close it. Thanks for this job, even if it's not so important, it just a forum... cheers Phil
  13. Sharing music !

    Finally a new one from my personal project Quantum Crash... But it is not a full instrumental, there's lyrics, sung by my friend Greg Arthmer. Quantum Crash - Rise enjoy ! cheers Phil
  14. wings of my soul

    hi Christine, yes, I enjoy ! Beautiful ! cheers Phil