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  1. Split object at each bar (or beat)

    hi, I don't know such automatic function, but I think you could do that with a shortcut sequence like : create a range of one bar, split, move the range by one bar, split, move the range, etc... Or set the snap-to-grid to one bar to move the cursor by one bar with the right arrow, and split with T. Perhaps there's something to do with AutoHotkey... ? Phil
  2. music video

    Merci !
  3. music video

    thanks a lot, friends !
  4. music video

    four years after...I finally sort out few images to put on one of my song, a great excuse to be present on YT ! Enjoy ! Phil
  5. Samplitude Metadata Editing?

    +1 Paulo, MP3tag is great and it pleases the artist to do that Cheers ! Phil
  6. Rename Audio Files not Objects

    hi Tim, yes...but I don't remember how ! with the Object Editor (fades or pitch tabs), or in the Object Manager. Hope there's somebody else around who knows... Cheers ! Phil
  7. ok I fully understand now your way to audio archiving. I was mainly talking about backup only, i.e. what you call "backups for a short term", that's why I keep all the files in them. But for audio archiving, I agree that if you export waves, you don't need H*. The option that could be nice is simply let the user choose if he needs or not the H* files when he use the Multitrack Bounce dialog. Then, instead of finish with all theses unnecessary files, if it's audio archiving, you export only the waves files. If you know you will use theses exports in Sampliquoia, you could let the bounce function creating H*. After all, it's just a radio button to tick or not in the Bounce dialog... Cheers ! Phil
  8. you make backup without H* files ? How do you backup, just curious ? I always use the option in Samp to backup complete project, it's so easy and clean, and it saves H* files beside the wave. If I need to reload a backup, all is here, no missing files, no problem. I don't really understand your first sentence. When files are sorted by type, what is out of view ? I often have pdf or doc files in the folder for project info, and it's so easy to see files by type instead of mixed, first doc, then h*, VIP, waves, etc, just use the mouse wheel to navigate. I use to have details in the folder, I like to see dates and weight for example. Cheers ! Phil
  9. my folders are organized by Type, so I have no probem to navigate... Cheers ! Phil
  10. I really don't understand what is wrong with theses files... sorry... why don't you want see them, where's the problem ? These files are necessary to show you the waves in the VIP, there're not temp files, they must stay beside the wave files, and certainly not in a temp folder where they could be deleted at any time ! cheers ! Phil
  11. hi, no you can't, *.H* files are always beside the wave file. If you move or delete them (when Samp is closed, if not you can't), Samp will recreate them when you open the project. cheers Phil
  12. Import Export

    hi, Bounce is the way to go, there're lot of options, Multitrack Bounce to open in another DAW for example. cheers Phil
  13. Folk songs

    je suis globalement de ton avis, j'entends bien ta critique car je reviens de loin...dans le grave ! Il y a 10 ans j'aurais jamais pensé que je rechanterais comme ça, donc c'est déjà un bon début ! Comme c'est basé sur la guitare, monter les titres impose une gym des doigts un peu galère... Ceci dit, il y a des titres avec un capo, donc qui ont déjà fait l'objet de ton idée Phil
  14. Folk songs

    yes it's me and my poor voice (I'm not a great singer !) Christine, do you mean power in the mix, or like Bolibolubab, I just need to wake up ? It was a subject of discussion with my friend (the EP was almost done), he was wondering if I should sing with more fight/power, but after a while, he came back and said no, you should stay YOU and keep on with your feeling. So, we chose to leave as is. And it should be noted that there're few others songs with more power, with a more rock feeling in our songs set. Anyway, thank you very much for listening ! Phil
  15. Folk songs

    Thank you !