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  1. That might be interesting and helpfull for people who can interact with a mouse and its wheel. But this here is the Accessibility Forum for blind and visually-impaired users, where we try to find solutions without a mouse and the mouse wheel, that means solutions only for keyboards; that includes shortcuts and so on..
  2. I need help with VST

    Hi! Okay, I sent you a PM. I also tried it last week, but I think that message has been lost. So I sent it today once again. There I forgot to ask whether I also should organize the DVDs allthough Independence is already installed.
  3. I need help with VST

    Hello! Sorry that I Reply so late. I discovered your last post several minutes ago. For a session we have to wait till the 2nd week of January, 'cause now we have Christmas Holidays and our University is closed over the Holidays. But then we can try a session. :-) Merry Christmas! Regards, Patrick
  4. I need help with VST

    Hello Kraznet! Thanks for your answer. I checked that there are two dialogues, the Parameter dialogue and the plug-in dialogue, so I didn't realize it earlier and so I found the "Load" menue and the preferences box some days ago. But now I have another Problem. I downloaded the Image files one month ago, but now I have the Problem that I can't find the path in which they are located at the moment. I also tried it with the search function of my hard disk, but that also didn't work. You can imagine that it makes me really frustrated. And yesterday an employee of the Samplitude support team explained me that it's impossible to make the correct Independence Pro settings in Accessibility mode without a mouse. Of Course I don't give up, but I don't have an idea where I can find the downloaded image files. So, is it the simplest way to remove the whole plug-in and re-install it again? Regards Patrick
  5. I need help with VST

    Okay, I found it with the help of one of my instructors from University. Yes, now I can hear the Controller. Now I have the only Problem that Independence Pro doesn't want to work. The Problem is that I am not sure where the installed Image files are right now on my System.
  6. I need help with VST

    Hello! Where can I do that? Directly in the mixer or is there a specific Point in the menu bar? Do you also have a tip for me what I must do with Independence after downloading it?
  7. Hey guys! I Need some help: I downloaded nearly every instrument I got with the help menu of Samplitude Pro X3 Suite, I even downloaded the Independence Library. Okay, that worked. But now I have the problem that I can't interact correctly with the VST instruments. Independence plays nothing when I try to record something and the other instruments like the Vita Concert Grand Piano or the DNE1-Synthesizer are nearly working correctly, but there I have the problem that I can't hear anything. I can record the notes with an ESI49 MIDI Controller and I can play the recorded material after finishing the recording, but the Monitoring doesn't work correctly, so I can't hear anything during the recordings. What can I do that: 1. I can start working with Independence and 2. I can hear the Monitoring signals? Regards from Austria, Patrick
  8. Hi! I've a Little question. I downloaded quite all available instruments with the Help-Menu of Pro X3 Suite, and now I have the Problem that I am not able to run them. How I can run the instruments to make a Little Keyboard recording with a MIDI Controller Keyboard? Regards, Patrick
  9. A few months ago, an employee from Support team told me that the accessibility container, or earlier Visually Impaired (for Pro X and Pro X2) was designed for Pro X, but this container is based on the skins of Samplitude 11 Pro. This is also due to the fact that the default view of Samplitude Pro X has a different menu bar than in the Accessibility view. For example, in the Standard view, the Track Effects menu does not exist in the Track menu, but everything is made from the Effects menu. Why is that? Were the skins of Samplitude Pro X not able to harmonize with the accessibility mode?
  10. Global arm/unarm

    Hey! That are great News. How does it work concretely? Regards, Patrick
  11. OK, I see. For me it would be interesting, whether Tom is the only developer of Magix, who is reading and debating here in the Accessibility forum.
  12. Hi Steve! Did you send Tom a privat message in which you explained that issue?
  13. Global arm/unarm

    Okay, setzt aber voraus, dass man die werkseitigen Shortcut-Einstellungen benützt, oder?
  14. Global arm/unarm

    Einfach Alt-Shift? IM Hauptfenster oder in der Mixeransicht?
  15. Global arm/unarm

    Pretty good idea. I'm not sure, but does a global unarm button exist in other DAWs?