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  1. Two Samplitude PRO X3 problems

    I thought it was not possible to do that... God, I was blind... Anyway, it doesn't work for me... waveform and faders still linked... EDIT: the Gain knob works fine; the Volume fader doesn't work - this one is still linked to waveform.
  2. What settings for best results?

    Nice one, Terry! Thanks for that!
  3. Hey, @Christine !!! Thank you very much! So I think I need to do a specific range in the object and put the cursor in the middle of the range, isn't it?
  4. Where are my channel strips?

    WOW, I didn't know this feature! Nice!!!
  5. I know that Sound Cloner analyzes 20 seconds of the reference audio samples and the source that will be edited. I'd like to know if it's possible to parse all the audio reference and source, not just 20 seconds. Is there a way? T-RackS "Master Match" does a very good job and it can analyze an entire music as reference.
  6. Another Sonar Refuge

    Welcome home, @Mosvalve !!!
  7. By an impartial user (Donny Thompson): https://recording.org/threads/if-youre-not-using-samplitude.57423/
  8. Another Sonar Refuge

    Welcome aboard, JAT !
  9. Another Sonar Refuge

    Man, I was already in the fifth bottle of beer, but when I saw your signature, I was sober right away!
  10. Thank you, Kraznet!

    With due permission, I make your words, mine. User manuals have their limitations, and here is where the tutorial videos come in, as an indispensable, practical and fast learning supplement. Without those videos I would not have had the primordial impulse to fit me permanently with the program. MAGIX should raise a bust in honor of Kraznet.
  11. Newbies stopped to enter here

    I really can not understand why this happens. It is well-known that there is no advertising to the height of the awesome programs of Magix. With this, only a portion of potential consumers get to know and enjoy the programs. And, among the lucky ones who, by themselves, have become loyal users, very few succeed in being part of that forum to enter into their own community. It is not by chance that programs of excellence like Samplitude and Video Pro X are so ignored and underestimated out there.
  12. Newbies stopped to enter here

    Welcome guys! Nice to see you here, but there still is a lot of future members without the same luck!